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I am pleased to present members with Pulse Canada’s 2022-23 Annual Report. As we reflect on the past year, it is evident our organization has achieved significant milestones and tackled some big challenges thanks to the dedication and collaborative efforts of our members, partners, and staff. 

Canada’s pulse industry is experiencing dynamic growth and transformation. As you will see throughout this report, it is our collective commitment to innovation, sustainability, and business-forward policy making that has propelled us forward. Over the past year, Pulse Canada played a pivotal role in advocating for the interests of our members and representing the pulse sector at both the national and international levels. 

This year, the Board of Directors developed a new strategic plan, building off the work done from our 25 by 2025 initiative. Our vision is simple – a world where Canadian pulses are the preferred choice. To make this vision a reality, we are 

focusing on six key areas to help pulses pave the way to a healthier and more sustainable future with solutions for every link in the value chain. You can read more about this report and dive deeper into each pillar here. 

One of the many highlights of the past year was the release of our Impactful Economic and Environmental Report. This report demonstrates that, thanks to the adoption of modern agricultural practices and the nitrogen fixation benefits of pulses, Canadian pulse growers are currently responsible for removing 3.6 million tonnes of CO2 every year from the environment — that’s the equivalent to taking 1.1 million cars off the road annually. In addition, under a realistic growth scenario that accounts for responsible agronomic practices, pulse growers have the potential to remove an additional 1.4 million tonnes of CO2 every year by 2030. In the lead up to World Pulses Day, several Pulse Canada directors and staff made the trip to Ottawa to have over 25 meetings with Parliamentarians, Senators, senior civil servants, and political staff to drive home one key point: any investment into growing Canada’s pulse industry is also an investment into improving our environment. 

This past year, Pulse Canada continued to work on behalf of our members to advance interests across the areas of crop protection, transportation, and market access. India remained an important file for our industry in 2022-23, with advancements made toward strengthen the trade ties between our two countries through an Early Harvest Trade Agreement. Our organization was in consistent communication with the Government of Canada on the pulse sector’s priorities, and we continue to make clear to the highest levels of government that there can be no win for Canada in any trade deal with India without meaningful access for Canadian pulses. In February, Pulse Canada sent a delegation to India to explore the similarities and differences between our two countries, and uncover opportunities for future collaboration, knowledge sharing, and increased trade. 

Of course, Pulse Canada has been actively engaged in research and innovation, fostering advancements that enable our industry to thrive. In 2022-23 we launched several digital marketing campaigns aimed at increasing the knowledge around and use of pulse ingredients here in North America and in key markets around the world. Not only have we supported research projects aimed at enhancing pulse crop yields, improving processing techniques, and unlocking new market opportunities, but we have also launched exciting new initiatives that will help transform our sector for the better. As you will read in this report, by investing in cutting-edge technologies and encouraging knowledge sharing, we continue to drive innovation across the entire pulse value chain. 

Looking ahead, we are poised to face new challenges and opportunities. As the world grapples with issues like evolving dietary preferences, climate change, and global market dynamics, we remain steadfast in our mission to lead a profitable and sustainable Canadian pulse industry through innovation, efficiencies, and increased value. Together, we will navigate these complexities, leveraging our collective strength and ingenuity to shape the future of the pulse industry. 

I invite you to read through our 2022-23 annual report and reflect on our collective accomplishments. I think you’ll agree that there is tremendous opportunity ahead for growers, ingredient manufacturers and exporters of Canadian pulses. Let us seize that opportunity together to create a prosperous and sustainable future for pulses. 

Kevin Auch
Chair, Pulse Canada

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Kevin Auch, Chair
Alberta Pulse Growers

Adam Ireland, Treasurer
Ontario Bean Growers

Brad Blackwell
Saskatchewan Pulse Growers

Shane Strydhorst
Alberta Pulse Growers

Ben Martens
Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers

Mario Gaudet
Saskatchewan Pulse Growers

John Brown
Canadian Pulse And Special Crops Trade Association

John Preun
Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers
(Special Observer)

Greg Stamp
Alberta Pulse Growers

Quinton Stewart
Canadian Pulse And Special Crops
Trade Association (Special Observer)

Terry Youzwa, Vice Chair
Saskatchewan Pulse Growers


Corey Loessin
Saskatchewan Pulse Growers


Greg Cherewyk


Brian Gilchrist, CPA, CMA
Vice President, Finance & Operations

Denise Hawryluk
Director, Executive Operations & Event Planning

Meagan Desautels
Director, Financial Reporting

Annie Beltran
Accounting Administrator


Greg Northey
Vice President, Corporate Affairs

Greg Bartley
Director, Crop Protection & Crop Quality

Mac Ross
Director, Market Access & Trade Policy


Julianne Curran, PhD
Vice President, Market Innovation

Tanya Der, MSc
Director, Diversification & Market Insights

Denis Tremorin, MSc, PAg
Director, Sustainability

Janelle Carlin, MSc
Director, Quality & Processing


Mary Price
Director, Digital Marketing

Jeff English
Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Delta Hirsch
Manager, Marketing & Content

Alex Yuzwa
Coordinator, Marketing & Content

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