How can Canadian beans power your sustainability story?

A strong story starts with strong data. 
When formulating a new product or looking to meet corporate sustainability goals, global averages aren't enough to back up claims.

Pulse Canada recently generated a life cycle assessment of Canadian faba, pinto, red kidney and navy beans using data directly from hundreds of bean growers. See how Canadian pulses can provide the sustainability profile you need.

See the impact of Canadian faba, pinto, red kidney and navy beans on 
13 different environmental end points. 

Climate Change Impact

Fossil and Nuclear Energy Use

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Land Use Occupation

Water Scarcity

Biodiversity Impacts

Photochemical Oxidant Formation

Ionizing Radiation

Particulate Matter Formation

Mineral Resources Use

Terrestrial Acidification

Freshwater Eutrophication

Ozone Layer Depletion

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Plus, get a breakdown of how each production factor contributes to the total impact.

Freshwater Ecotoxicity